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All about Bulk SMS and Bulk WhatsApp marketing

All about Bulk SMS and Bulk WhatsApp marketing

Customers tend to make quick judgments. Having to spend an extra minute on a conversation with a company or service is a luxury not everyone can afford when communicating with them. Ensure that you bring your brand close to your audience as much as possible to save their time and effort.

Bulk SMS and Bulk WhatsApp marketing changes the conventional ways of communication with customers. Read on to know the benefits of using bulk SMS and bulk WhatsApp campaigns and how to use them to boost your marketing campaigns.

What’s so good about Bulk SMS & Bulk WhatsApp marketing campaigns?

Think that your travel date is approaching but you are unable to find the ticket in your inbox. Unfortunately, you don’t remember the reservation code too which makes it challenging to use the airline’s official website.

What would you do? Would you call customer support and wait for 20 minutes or text the support team and get your documents in a jiffy? Then, why not do the same for your clients.

When you use Bulk SMS and Bulk WhatsApp marketing services, you can provide your customer with smooth and efficient customer support without making your customers take that extra mile by filling out complicated forms.

With Bulk SMS and Bulk WhatsApp business marketing, your customers will have a written record of the entire chat conversation which they can refer to anytime, anywhere. You can also use this messenger to optimize any stage of the process. Whether it’s for sales or customer service, WhatsApp Business offers a one-stop solution for customers.

With Bulk WhatsApp marketing campaign, you can:

  • Make your brand available 24/7
  • Speed up the communication process
  • Get more brand recognition
  • Use multimedia format options
  • Enhance customer retention and satisfaction
  • Provide excellent customer support with multiple agents using mutual inbox and centralized dashboard
  • Enhance user engagement and get an excellent response rate
  • Automate messages and save resources


Although the Bulk SMS and Bulk WhatsApp Business API is a valuable addition to your toolkit, you should not depend on it altogether. Bhavi Creations, adopt a multichannel strategy and drive your brand forward across various channels to keep your business growing. Emails, messengers, and SMS notifications are a few of the possible touchpoints.





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